In March 2020, like many other therapists, Helen was “forced” to move her face-to-face practice online due to the pandemic. Maybe you had a parallel experience? And like Helen, maybe you too had the surprising and encouraging experience that online therapy IS effective; the videoconferencing meeting room providing a “good enough” replacement for the physical therapy room.

In her previous work as a coach, much of Helen's interaction with athletes, individual clients, and groups was online: so when the entire profession moved en mass to the virtual practice of counselling and psychotherapy Helen did not share the anxiety of the technology; nor did she doubt her ability to form close and trustworthy relationship online. This was also significant in her ability to hold the trainee counsellors and psychotherapists she works with in her role as educator and trainer – one has to have the confidence and faith in the online medium to model how it works, and why it works.

And in arriving at this website, perhaps you too share some of that confidence?

Online therapy is a means of accessing the same quality of support you would expect in the face-to-face consulting room from the comfort and safety of your own home. Much of the process is the same, and yet it offers a convenience that many people (post pandemic in particular) are valuing: for example, not having the costs of both time and travel to come to the therapy session. Most importantly to you as the client, online therapy has become so prevalent now, there is a growing research base showing that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

Online working might be particularly interesting to you if you are on a spiritual path and wish to find a therapist who works with a "transpersonal" approach - not many therapists offer this integration work, so the online offering from Helen means you can do so without the limitations of geographical location.

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