Helen recognises that life is inherently challenging. Whilst we may long for happiness, frequently obstacles come up that can make happiness and contentment feel out of reach. She also appreciates that it need not take a traumatic experience for us to need a helping hand and supportive ear. Life at today’s frenetic pace can be terribly isolating, so it can be helpful to have someone to talk to; someone who is trained to listen, wholeheartedly and non-judgementally; someone with whom you can explore how you feel and put words on those feelings.

Helen is a UKCP registered psychotherapist working in private practice in Eastbourne, East Sussex. She also offers sessions online. In both her face to face and online work, Helen provides a safe and confidential environment in which you can share your difficulties and develop an understanding of how you have come to arrive in the struggle. Helen will help you navigate and cope with your experience whilst exploring ways that enable you to move forward.

Counsellors and psychotherapists use a variety theories and have different ways of practicing. Helen trained as a Humanistic therapist at the University of Brighton, where she now teaches on the Post-graduate Diploma Counselling and Psychotherapy and the MSc Psychotherapy. A practitioner in what is known as Gestalt psychotherapy, Helen is also heavily influenced by ideas from Buddhist psychology and other experiential traditions (such as Focusing-orientated psychotherapy). You can read more detail on Helen’s particular approach to therapy here.

Helen in therapy

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£60 per session (50 minutes)

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