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enneagramI’ve just returned from having a coffee in town with a friend: the perfect way to unwind and regenerate after a day of client work. It offers a way to see and feel the contrast in how relationships take or offer energy - and that isn’t a straightforward segregation as “clients take” and “friends give”; and neither is it consistent - I feel fortunate to have friendships that allow me to give and take at different times.

And this was something of what my friend and I were discussing. An aspect that we share is the wish to live a more conscious life. We would both describe ourselves as “seekers”, and have a sincere wish to “wake up” (to ourselves, to life). We do this through our respective paths - mine being the path of meditation and Buddhism. We also see how relationship offers an exploration to uncover more of our “self”, and particularly what may still operate from our shadow - those unclaimed parts of self that often run the show. It is a real gift to have a friendship in which patterns in relating can be explored real time.

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I have just published the first blogpost of my book "The practice of human being". You can read it on my "blog to book" site here.

It feels good to have published the draft; yet at the same time a little scary. I remind myself what I often convey to my trainee therapist students - that excitement and anxiety have a common root sensation - it is how we label or add meaning to those sensations that make it 'feel' positive or negative. 

I hope you enjoy the read; and a reminder - I would love to have your comments and feedback.

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Proust wisdomI recently shared that my “Year in Review” process this time around had underlined my motivation and commitment to getting my “blog to book” project on the road. I have been writing some drafts for the book alongside the writing of this blog, but something had been holding me back from ‘going live’. I feel I have addressed that block thanks to some deep contemplation of my aspiration as a Bodhisattva and some help from Marcel Proust (via my very wise wife) 

“Our wisdom begins where that of the author ends, and we would like him to give us answers, when all he can do is give us desires”

In other words, I want my writing to inspire others rather than provide them all the answers.