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Proust wisdomI recently shared that my “Year in Review” process this time around had underlined my motivation and commitment to getting my “blog to book” project on the road. I have been writing some drafts for the book alongside the writing of this blog, but something had been holding me back from ‘going live’. I feel I have addressed that block thanks to some deep contemplation of my aspiration as a Bodhisattva and some help from Marcel Proust (via my very wise wife)

“Our wisdom begins where that of the author ends, and we would like him to give us answers, when all he can do is give us desires”

In other words, I want my writing to inspire others rather than provide them all the answers.

Nina Amir, the author whose method I have studied and followed for this project, suggests starting with a “pitch” – many of you might have heard of the “elevator speech”. If you walked in to an elevator with a potential funder, how would you use those precious 60 seconds to sell your idea to them? Nina believes this “gives you a wonderful opportunity to figure out”:

* how the book’s angle is unique
* how the book will benefit readers
* what unique features the book offers
* how to target the market

I remember writing a pitch when I was first exploring setting up a sport science and coaching consultancy within the University; the aim being to convince the establishment it was a venture worth backing. It wasn’t easy then; and I can honestly say I found it harder this time around!! I can only guess that this has something to do with the more personal nature of this project and my process-in-the-shadows of being an imposter this time around.

You can read my pitch here; you will also see a draft table of contents.

My “blog to book” will be housed on a separate blogging site – simply so I can more easily gather my book specific posts at the end of the project and put them in to the final product (whether that becomes a hard bound book – publisher willing – or remains in e-format). It also helps me keep a momentum with this blog – I want to write more, for self-dialogue and exploration and also for the sheer enjoyment of writing that I have come in to contact with in recent months. I want to keep the book writing a more heuristic process: one of being able to reflect as well as produce.

How you can play a part in this process?

A priority of mine in this project is to keep the book relevant and beneficial. I want to write to the issues at the very heart of psychotherapeutic practice and how it can – in the company of the Buddhist dharma – aid the path of human being. So, it makes sense to enlist the help of as many human beings as I can!

The “Practice of a human being” blogging site is open to receiving your comments, and I would appreciate your reaction to what you read. You might be a trainee therapist; you might be a Buddhist; you might be both; you might be neither! Whether it is a theoretical correction, a story about a shared experience, or a question from curiosity – please drop me a line – through the post comment option, or via email.

I would also appreciate you spreading the word – so if you are a human being and know other human beings – let them know!

I look forward to having your company on this adventure.

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