Helen Carter eastbourne UKCP psychotherapist

Helen's background and career path to date has allowed her to develop a unique blend of skills to her work in well-being and performance, whether one-to-one or in groups:

Physiologist. With a PhD in exercise physiology, Helen is a regular writer in sport and fitness media, and has contributed to 4 books. Her background allows Helen to thoroughly understand the ‘mind-body’ connection in her current role as psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor. Modern day emphasis on a biomedical model of health can force people to separate their mental / emotional health from that of their physical being. Helen’s approach helps clients explore the experience of distress as a two-way street.

High performance coach & mentor. Helen’s background as an elite athlete leaves her well-placed to help professionals achieve their goals. Following her retirement from competitive cycling, Helen went on to coach many professional athletes including those at Commonwealth and Olympic level. She understands what it takes to succeed at the very top. With time, Helen’s interest in the person 'underneath' the athlete grew and trained as a personal performance coach (commonly known as a life coach) with The Coaching Academy. Helen’s experience in starting-up two businesses and in education has since helped many professionals across both sectors plan, and deliver, on career goals.

Psychotherapist. Helen took her passion for helping people as a coach deeper by training as a Humanistic Therapeutic Counsellor at The University of Brighton. A fully qualified counsellor offering counselling in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Helen is on the register of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Whilst moving from the body to the mind, and from coaching to therapeutic counselling was a natural evolution for Helen, the stages of re-invention allow her to really understand how terrifying change can be without support from others.

Mindfulness practitioner. During her career change from exercise physiologist to psychotherapist Helen found mindfulness meditation. She believes it was meditation that helped her cope the profound change that re-training brings. A practicing Buddhist, Helen studied with the Interdependence Project (a secular organisation in New York) to become a certified meditation teacher. Helen's rare blend of scientific training and spiritual practice is probably one reason why she is regularly invited to host mindfulness courses that support professional practice in counselling and psychotherapy, and indeed underpin self-care across the helping professions.

Research scientist. Helen’s career as a research scientist has seen her publish nearly 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Her ability to understand evidence-based research and critique what can be a minefield of information has been invaluable in working with clients. One only has to consider the many studies being published on the benefits of different psychotherapies, or the explosion in research on neuroscience and mindfulness. Yet her openness to approaches outside of science enables Helen to keep an open mind to other practices that may benefit her clients and her work with them. Helen’s present research interest is the integration of psychological and spiritual practices.

Educator & trainer. In her work as a University researcher and lecturer, Helen has supervised many post-graduate students to Masters and PhD completion. Having set up several businesses and curated University courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, Helen understands what skills are needed to succeed in both private and public sectors and uses this expertise to develop highly relevant courses. An experienced group coach, Helen is also experienced in facilitating Action Learning Sets, a popular approach in helping people manage challenges in the workplace. Following her psychotherapy training, Helen took up a Senior Lecturer position at the University of Brighton facilitating the training of counsellors on the Post-graduate diplomas in Humanistic and Psychodynamic therapies. She is also the Course Leader for the MSc programme in psychotherapy.

Helen is available for 1-2-1 work or in groups. Please contact her for details